Exclusive album stream: Travis, Where You Stand

The album is released on Monday

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After a five-year hiatus, Glasgow softrockers Travis are back.

Fran Healy and co release their seventh studio album, Where You Stand, next week.

And you can hear it exclusively on The Independent website, above.

Best known for hit singles like "Driftwood", "Why Does It Always Rain On Me" and "Flowers in the Window," they were one of the biggest bands of the Nineties.

Of the album, Healy said: "I really felt that this record felt like the clock had gone round full circle, back to 12 again.

"And either we go and do this record, it would be shit, it would be so bad that we'd all be, 'like right, that's it, bye', or me maybe get to go round again."

The album will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and on the band's official site.

See a documentary about the making of the album here: