Gorillaz Phase 4: Cartoon supergroup returns as new artwork is unveiled

Artist Jamie Hewlett confirmed the Gorillaz return on Instagram

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Gorillaz are back. After a three year hiatus, the cartoon collaboration of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewllet has been resurrected for a fifth album.

After many months of teasing fans, Hewllet - the animated group's visual artist - confirmed a return was on the cards via his Instagram account.

According to Revolt, he wrote in a comment only viewable by phone: "Yes. Gorillaz Returns."

He also posted two new pictures of Murdoc the bassist and Noodle the guitarist which have gotten fans very excited for the next edition of acclaimed project.

The last Gorillaz album, The Fall, was released in 2011 — under the banner of the band's third phase: Escape to Plastic Beach.

Back in 2012, amidst rumours of a falling out between Albarn and Hewllett, it was thought the last of band had been seen.

Then Albarn told The Guardian future Gorillaz projects were "unlikely", but he progressively changed his tune — a year later he said there were plans for an eventual reunion, and then last year claimed "wouldn't mind having another stab at a Gorillaz record".


Hewlett has always been more open-minded, telling The Independent back when the band split that it had run its course "for now".

In October, Albarn, otherwise famous for Brit-pop giant Blur, said a Gorillaz album could arrive in 2016.

With these illustrations the sign of a new dawn, that album is looking more and more likely.