Gospel radio station randomly starts playing Drake songs 24/7

Drake 92.7 has both delighted and confused listeners in Northern California

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Ever thought that actually, the only artist you really want to listen to on the radio is Drake? Well fans of the rapper, your dreams have just come true, as there seems to be a station dedicated to the Toronto lad in Northern California.

Formerly a gospel station, Drake 92.7 in Charlotte has been playing Drizzy tunes non-stop since Friday and has even posted on its Twitter and Instagram pages to announce the move.

Listeners can request songs by calling 704-548-7863 and leaving a voicemail message and yes, tracks featuring him or associated with him also count ( “Moment 4 Life” by Nicki Minaj and “Invented Sex” by Trey Songz, for example).

Those wondering where their favourite gospel station has got to can head over to its new home at 100.9.

Some people have been claiming that Drake himself must have bought the station, but as 24urban.com explains, he likely wouldn't have been able to because he is a Canadian citizen. It's not as if he really needs the career boost, either, and he already has his own OVO Sound Radio show on Apple Music's Beats 1.


The site speculates that 92.7 is set to become a new hip-hop station that is using the Drake take-over as a marketing tool. It certainly worked for a Texas station last year - it increased its audience by some 550,000 listeners in just two months by playing nothing but Beyoncé all day, every day.

All is yet to become fully clear but in the meantime, if you fancy grooving to a bit of "Take Care" and "Know Yourself", you know where to go.