Iggy Pop says new album Post Pop Depression will 'probably' be his last

'I feel like I'm closing up after this'

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The godfather of punk could be hanging up his boots.

Iggy Pop, the 68-year-old rebel icon, has said he believes his upcoming album Post Pop Depression will be his last, telling Apple Music: "I feel like I'm closing up after this, that's what I feel. It's my gut instinct."

He confessed that he doesn't have the energy to produce the kind of quality albums he has for years: "To make a real album, you really have to put everything into it. The energy's more limited now."

Instead, he said he'll focus on bringing musicians together: "I'm kind of a fan, y'know? I like to hang out, I like to be in bands, I like to hang around with musicians."

That transition, however, is predicated on a typically muted public response. "I may be surprised," he said. " The one thing I'm not used to is putting out an album and anybody getting with it quicker than 25 years. So maybe it'll open a door."

The new album, due to drop on March 18, is a collaboration with Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death metal frontman Josh Homme.