Jake Bugg at Glastonbury 2014: Best songs to download and why you should watch his set

Not just a pretty face

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Who he is? Jake Bugg, a 20 year old Nottingham boy has impressed many with his vintage vocals, boyish good looks and impressive guitar skills.

Influenced by great stars, such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, you may think the whole package sounds too good to be true.

Bear in mind however, that he was chosen to support the Rolling Stones last year  at Hyde Park. Bugg’s albums, ‘Jake Bugg’ and ‘Shangri La’ prove that he is not just a pretty face, but an exceptional songwriter.

With his debut album reaching number one in the UK, and nominated for a Mercury prize, Jake Bugg has gained a large audience over the last couple of years and continues to do so.

When is he performing? You can find Jake Bugg on The Other Stage at 10.30pm on Saturday 28th June.

What are you gaining from watching his set? Expect an hour and fifteen minutes of utter enjoyment, from five–minute ballads (‘All Your Reasons’) to classic rock tunes (‘Slumville Sunrise’) and everybody’s favourite, ‘Two Fingers’.

Many of Bugg's songs have a melancholic feel, others have more of a folky  or country and western vibe. His music appeals to many different age groups and is a definite Glastonbury don't-miss.

Top 5 Jake Bugg songs:

1) Simple Pleasures

2) Broken

3) Someplace

4) A Song About Love

5) Ballad Of Mr Jones