Jake Bugg says material for new album is 'darker' than previous work

Bugg showcased two new tracks at a show last year in October

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Jake Bugg has said that his new material for his next album is "darker" than anything he has produced before.

In an interview with NME, the singer-songwriter spoke about his new work and revealed that there are "some darker songs" and that most of the songs have slower tempos than previous efforts.

"It's different, there are some darker songs, I haven't got a lot of fast ones this time but they might come later," he said.

"The lyrical content's not going to be the same because I haven't experienced those things. I'd say it's a little bit darker."


Bugg won the award for Best Solo Artist at the NME Awards in Austin, Texas, last week.

Asked about his writing process, he said: "I haven't been seeing anyone or working with anyone, I've just kind of locked myself away and just writing and doing my own thing."

Bugg’s last album was "Shangri-La", which was released in 2013 to mixed reviews, following his self-titled 2012 debut.

He showcased two new tracks at a show in Cardiff last year in October: "Looking Down The Alley" and "Hold On You".