Kanye West Ikea visit sparks frenzy and rolling news coverage in Sweden

Many expressed surprise at the Swedish media's coverage of the event on social media

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Kanye West has been spotted at Ikea's HQ in Sweden, causing the nation's media to publish breaking news stories and rolling live coverage of his visit.

"That's right, we can confirm that he is there. I don't want to and can't say more than that he is in Älmhult at Ikea today," press officer Jakob Holmström told Aftonbladet.

The first and most famous Ikea store was built in Älmhult in 1958.

Many expressed surprise at the media's coverage of the event on social media.

The rapper was reportedly given a tour of the company's headquarters. It is speculated he met with Ikea to discuss a potential design collaboration. 

West has already collaborated on a shoe range for Adidas.

He has recently attracted controversy after posting a photo on Twitter which shows him using torrent websites.