Kanye West debuts Nick Knight-directed Bound 2 video featuring Kim Kardashian

The artist debuted his new video on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Kanye West has premiered his new video for single “Bound 2”.

The bizarre video features- among other things- green screen scenes of horses running in slow motion, an eagle soaring above a cliff face, Kanye wearing two tartan shirts at the same time, Kanye wearing a tie-die t-shirt, and, Kim Kardashian riding topless on a motorbike.

In what can only be described as an ‘epic’ (if not epically bad) video, directed by fashion photographer Nick Knight, the opening scenes include slow motion green screen landscapes of canyons, mountains covered in fog, water rapids and wild galloping horses.

Kanye then takes us back down to earth with his double-tartan and tie-die look as he rides his motorbike through landscapes of snow-capped mountains, edited with the odd still of Kim Kardashian smouldering like a pouting apparition.

Kim later joins her fiancé on the front of his motorbike, and the over-airbrushed couple ride into the night together for an awkward two minutes as a topless Kim straddles Kanye against a Grand Canyon green screen.

The video has divided fans, with some praising its portrayal of ‘ love’ and others lamenting its cheesy 70s production values and over-reliance on Kim’s boobs, which many have pointed out appear to be nipple-less.

Is it a joke? A work of self-professed Kanye ‘genuis’? Is it meant to be art? Or a big send-up?

Kim's appearance has also caused some confusion among fans, with some asking whether it was Jennifer Lopez in the video.

While the Kardashian star's performance will no doubt catapult her to even higher stratospheric levels of stardom, let us remember, in the words of one YouTube user ‘Pedro M’: “She’ll never be Beyonce ye”.