Kendrick Lamar promises that with his next album 'everything is going to make sense'

'I know exactly what I want to say next'

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To Pimp A Butterfly was a dizzy, disorientating and astonishing piece of work that left you with as many questions as it did answers about growing up, America and the human soul.

It bombarded the listener with thoughts and feelings, but K-Dot has suggested that with his fifth album he will be aiming to distil things down.

"I know exactly what I want to say next," he told the Guardian in a fascinating interview. "Everything is going to make sense – not only to myself but to anybody who wants to understand life and music. Everything will make a little more sense."

One thing's for sure is that the new album will be something completely different. Section.80 focused in on specific people's stories, Good Kid Maad City mixed up a compelling hood narrative with trap-y bangers while To Pimp A Butterfly went off on a free jazz odyssey.

His next release will surely offer something similarly paradigm-shifting as Kendrick has said repeatedly that he doesn't just want to make the same kind of music you hear on the radio.