Metalocalypse season 5: Creator has an idea for a final story, needs your help

The show was cancelled after four seasons

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Adult Swim cult classic Metalocalypse looked dead and buried, but might now be resurrected for a fifth season through Hulu, if fans lobby hard enough.

Network Adult Swim previously said no to a fifth and final series, which came as a huge surprise given the show’s popularity.

But in an era when streaming services are picking up series that have been booted by networks and new seasons of Prison Break are being commissioned simply because people were binging the old ones on Netflix, it might now be easier for Metalocalypse to make a comeback.

“Here's all that I know: I have a final story I really like, and I think since Hulu currently has a license for the streaming rights I believe that would be a good place for the final story,” creator Brendon Small told Ultimate Guitar.

“If they were to partner with Adult Swim, then maybe we'd have a place for the shows that still have a strong audience that the network can no longer afford.”

In order for this to happen, the network needs to pick up on the demand however.

“Get on Twitter or Facebook and tell Hulu how much you love Metalocalypse and who knows what'll happen?” he concluded.