Morrissey called 'ego maniac' after spat with We Are Scientists and PAWS


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Morrissey is a “rich, has-been egomaniac”. Or at least, that’s how Scottish band PAWS have described him, after the Smiths frontman allegedly demanded that their clashing gig in the same venue as his be cancelled.

The “Suedehead” singer was booked for The Observatory in California on Thursday night, with PAWS and We Are Scientists due to play in the next-door room. 

But reports state that Morrissey was not impressed with this set-up due to concerns that loud music would drown out his performance.

PAWS posted a rant (since deleted) on their Facebook page, calling the 54-year-old “power-hungry” and comparing his behaviour to “a baby throwing toys from a pram”.

“People like this, with attitudes like this, display a classic example of why the music industry is still awash with disgusting garbage,” the angry band wrote.

As of yet, there has been no response statement from Morrissey or his team. But We Are Scientists’ Chris posted a follow-up message suggesting that the eventual solution – moving their show a little later – was fair.

“Moz fans wouldn’t have been able to hear a lick of what they’d paid to see,” he said. “Both bands on our bill play at nuclear volume and it goes right through walls.

“Putting on the two shows simultaneously would be like screening a mumblecore film and a Michael Bay movie in theatres divided by a cotton bed sheet.”

However, We Are Scientists’ tweets after watching Morrissey’s set seemed to suggest that “The Great Escape” singers are still seething.

PAWS remain outraged by Morrissey’s latest antics, describing the situation as “utterly ridiculous and frankly unacceptable”.

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