Music: Growing old like a Rolling Stone


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The Rolling Stone's new video, Doom and Gloom has just been released and already it has been labelled "controversial".

Much of the four minutes features Noomi Rapace, star of the film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She veers from dousing herself in petrol on top of a rubbish pile to smashing things with a baseball bat to shooting herself, before gorging on fast food until she vomits and then until her head explodes.

The band are no strangers to pushing boundaries on film. Cocksucker Blues, Robert Frank's 1972 cinéma vérité piece on the band which was so lewd it still hasn't been allowed to be released. Meanwhile lead singer Mick Jagger's starring role in Nicolas Roeg's Performance, attracted attention for its drug use and sex scenes.

In the video the band themselves are much tamer, from the elastic Jagger to the ever-elegant Charlie Watts.

It's a return to form for the band of 70-odd-year-olds, but given today's standards it's anything but controversial.