Glastonbury 2014: MySingleTent to help festival-goers meet 'hot singles'

Hook-ups will certainly be 'steamy' in your condensation-filled tent

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The Independent Culture has launched a sister website MySingleTent that will help attendees of Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds and other festivals find love, because few settings scream romance quite like a half-collapsed tent and lukewarm pile of Strongbows.

Once you've notified it which festivals(s) you're attending, the site promises to let you 'check out the other hot singles going', its homepage being plastered with pictures of people in brightly-coloured wayfarers and daisy chain headbands flirting and trying to mask the fact they haven't showered in three days and wept during Bastille after they dropped their phone down the mass toilets.

The matchmaking service is an offshoot from MySingleFriend, the USP of which is that one of your best friends writes your bio.

Given the transience of interactions with strangers at festivals, the site is probably aimed more at quick hook-ups than eHarmony visions of riding a horse down a beach with The One, as the 'tent' in the name suggests, but in this respect it will face very strong competition from location-based app Tinder.

MySingleTent also has a list of tips on meeting people at festivals, including finding 'someone hunky' in the mud but overlooking shooting 'FREE HUGS' sign holders as a public service.