Oasis reunion at Glastonbury 2014? Rumours reignited following Liam Gallagher's cryptic Twitter post

Betting suspended on band playing festival

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An Oasis reunion once again looks like it could be on the cards after frontman Liam Gallagher dramatically tweeted the letters 'O A S I S' last night, with bookmakers Paddy Power since suspending betting on the band playing at Glastonbury 2014.

Gallagher tweeted the letters over the course of a few hours, before following them up with: "OASIS LG".

Fans replied in their thousands, demanding an explanation with many suggesting it could mean the long pined-for reunion.

"WHAT DOES THIS MEAN" one wrote, "DUDE" another said, with a third adding: "Oh my god it's happening".

This is the internet though, so obviously there was also a "Shut up I hate you".

The cryptic message got bookmakers hot under the collar, with Paddy Power tweeting a few minutes later: "Betting now suspended on #Oasis to play Glastonbury."

Arcade Fire are already confirmed to be playing the festival this summer, but another headline slot remains open.

Fans should exercise caution before digging out their wellies though, as back in February Oasis' Facebook account got everyone excited for no reason when it promised a big announcement that turned out to be simply an album reissue.

Gallagher, who has recently been busy touring with his band Beady Eye, previously hinted at a reunion saying Oasis had "unfinished business" and suggesting they could "bury the hatchet for a quick lap of honour", though his brother Noel has always been more sceptical.