Observations: Popera act Amore are graduating to the big time


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Charlotte Church and Katherine Jenkins have done wonders in changing classical music's reputation as stuffy. But will British operatic group Amore succeed in putting the fun back in opera and be the next big opera band?

The four Royal College of Music graduates have just released their debut album, Stand Together, which is full of favourites such as "Jerusalem", "Abide with Me" and "Amazing Grace".

Still in their early twenties, baritone Peter Braithwaite, tenor David Webb, mezzo soprano Victoria Gray and soprano Monica McGhee, frolic in the gardens of a stately home in the video for their first single, "Brindisi".

They were signed after a tutor from their music college overheard Warner Music executives in their local Starbucks discussing putting together a British operatic group. Amore will perform on BBC1's Songs of Praise Jubilee special and The Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant tomorrow.

'Stand Together' is out now