Observations: The essence of Blurred vision photography


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An exhibition of 70 photographs of Blur documents the band's story from the 1990s and Britpop's heights to the present. Gems include Pennie Smith's never-seen rehearsal shots for Glastonbury 2009, just after the band reformed.

Paul Postle has taken ten-and-a-half thousand photos of Blur, since he photographed them for the back cover of Parklife in 1994. "One of my favourites is the shot of them in a gold car which was the cover for the single 'Song 2'," he recalls. "We really were driving around Iceland in that car." Another favourite in the show is of the band walking through the mist, used on the back cover of Blur. "You don't recognise it as Blur initially. You've got four people's silhouettes – yet you can still work out who they are."

The exhibition is curated by Dave Brolan, an expert on music photography. "It was not intended to be a definitive history – more a series of photos and artworks to capture the essence of Blur. The visual identity was given as much thought as their music. Artwork in the show includes Damon and Graham's sketches for the new double-sided single, 'Under the Westway' and 'The Puritan'."

Blur 21: The Exhibition, Londonewcastle Project Space, London E2 (www.londonewcastle.com) to 14 Aug