One Direction 'Steal My Girl' single: Danny DeVito to make cameo appearance in video

The actor and director introduced the boy band to 'Troll Foot'

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One Direction have found an unlikely cameo for their next music video – none other than Danny DeVito.

The American actor and director will appear in the video for the band’s latest single, “Steal My Girl”, from forthcoming album Four.

DeVito and the boys announced the news on social media, tweeting images of their group on location in a sun-drenched Los Angeles desert.

And the Taxi and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor even introduced the former X Factor contestants to “Troll Foot”.

DeVito is known for posting images of his foot on social media. He previously told Forbes: “I put my foot out on Twitter every day…not every day. When I see a picture that I really want Troll Foot to be in, I put him out.

“I’ve been doing it for a couple of years, and I have a lot of fans.”

DeVito portrays the band’s director in the video, but it remains to be seen whether Troll Foot will actually turn up in “Steal My Girl”.

An appearance may not sit well alongside the sweet lyrics guaranteed to steal the hearts of teens everywhere. Watch this space.