Rihanna reveals mysterious single to November album on October 20

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American pop star Rihanna releases the new single to her upcoming November studio album at 11:23 am ET on October 20, according to the singer's official website.

The titles to both Rihanna's single and her fourth studio album are currently a mystery, though it is known that the singer already filmed a music video for the soon-to-be-unveiled song. Her new album will be released November 23 (or 11/23, hence the 11:23 revelation time for the single).

RihannaNow.com is currently running a timer counting down to 11:23, at which time the song will also be released to radio stations worldwide. The new disc is rumored to be a double-album, with confirmed contributions from American singer-producers Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Akon and others.

Site: www.rihannanow.com