Rock’n’roll excess Muse-style: A line of lemon sherbet anyone? Anyone?


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After a sold-out show at the Emirates Stadium at the weekend, Muse decided to celebrate in typical rock-star fashion: by throwing a riotous after-party.

With entertainment provided by Cirque Le Soir, London’s Madison Bar was transformed into a den of debauchery complete with a bearded lady striptease, a woman stubbing out cigars on her tongue, a pair of sexy, gambling pigs (whatever that’s supposed to mean) and dwarves carrying around trays of sherbet lined up to look like cocaine.

Muse’s drummer, Dom Howard, a friend of Queen’s Roger Taylor, supposedly did it to rib Taylor, who is tired of rumours that Queen’s legendary bashes featured the latter.

But how does Muse’s blowout compare in the annals of rock bacchanalia? On tour with Mötley Crüe in 1984, Ozzy Osbourne allegedly snorted a line of ants when a party ran out of cocaine. Keith Moon would blow up hotel room toilets for fun. Keith Richards supposedly snorted his father’s ashes. Alice Cooper threw televisions out of windows at parties. And John Bonham rode a motorbike through the hall of a hotel to entertain revellers (and that’s just one of the more printable Led Zeppelin hotel party stories).

By comparison, Muse’s shindig appears to be downright tame.