The Rolling Stones say Bob Dylan feels he has 'done something pretty good' with Nobel Prize win

Ronnie Wood: 'He didn't know how to accept it'

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The Rolling Stones have revealed that they congratulated Bob Dylan on his Nobel prize for literature during the Desert Trip shows, and given some insight into how he feels about receiving the award.

Speaking to The GuardianRonnie Wood said Dylan kept calling him "'Sir Ronnie... everyone from England is a sir, right?'

"And we said, 'Yeah Bob, but it's not like... it's really good about your Nobel prize.' And he went: 'You think so? It's good, huh?' And we said, 'You deserve it.' And he said, 'That's great - thanks.'

"He didn't know how to accept it but he thought he had done something pretty good."

On Wednesday it was revealed that Dylan would not be attending the Oval Office to celebrate the award with other recipients. 

He will also not attend the ceremony hosted by the Swedish Academy in Stockholm on 10 December. 

It took Dylan two weeks to acknowledge that he had won the prize after the Nobel committee made their announcement.

He told The Telegraph in October that it was "hard to believe" that he had one, in what seemed to be his first public acknowledgement of the prize, and that the announcement was "amazing, incredible. Whoever dreams about something like that?"