Sia's music video for 'Alive' stars new wunderkind Mahiro Takano

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Sia has released the music video for ‘Alive’, the first single from her upcoming new album ‘This Is Acting’.

While Maddie Ziegler usually stars in her videos, Sia found a new talented youngster for this one in the form of Mahiro Takano, a girl from Japan proficient in martial arts.

She practices her skills in an empty room in the video, wearing the black-and-white wig that has become the symbol of Sia's new album.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work.

Sia’s videos are always simplistic, but watching Takano karate chop for five minutes just isn’t captivating the way Ziegler dancing in ‘Chandelier’ or playfighting with Shia LaBeouf in ‘Elastic Heart’ was.

‘Alive’ was originally written for Adele and his sung from her perspective. All the tracks on ‘This Is Acting’ were originally meant for other artists (hence the name).

Earlier in the week, Sia posted another new track from the album called ‘Bird Set Free’.

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