Song 2 (months old) – Britpop band Blur get the baby treatment with album of lullaby covers


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Want your baby to appreciate the rocking majesty of Blur’s “Song 2”, but are worried you might scare them? Help is at hand. The US company Rockabye Baby has created an album of the band’s greatest hits, including “Parklife”, “Country House” and “Beetlebum”, in soothing lullaby versions for parents to play  “during those long night feeds”.

Rockabye has already created 37 similar albums covering the songs from the likes of Queen, U2, Bob Marley and Coldplay. And the firm has a celebrity following including Victoria Beckham, whose footballer husband David downloaded an album of Beatles songs in lullaby form for their daughter Harper Seven. Also fans are Elton John and David Furnish, who play not only the Fab Four’s songs, but also the versions of the Rolling Stones and Green Day in their nursery.

The adult/child cross-over isn’t entirely new, the late US folk singer Woody Guthrie wrote several songs for children (and has had his songs recorded for kids, too). But in the modern era it’s becoming more popular. has saccharine versions of songs, sometimes diluted for a child’s (or, more likely a parent’s) pleasure. A line in a cover of Katy Perry’s “Hot n Cold”, for example, changes from “We kiss, we make up” to “We hug, we make up”.

Such techniques might come in handy when tackling the sexually-ambiguous concepts in Blur’s “Girls & Boys” for an infant audience.