Sophia Grace releases absolute jam 'Best Friends'

That bassline though!

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11-year-old Sophie Grace has thrown down the gauntlet for 2015 mainstream R&B pop, releasing a track called 'Best Friends' that is better than anything Nicki Minaj or Iggy Azalea have come up with in the past few months.

People will inevitably say "This is the new Rebecca Black 'Friday'!" but no, this is high quality pop. It sounds like old school Ciara being produced by DJ Mustard, and is anatomically impossible not to nod your head to.

In case you'd forgotten, Sophia Grace is one half of Sophia Grace & Rosie, two kids from Essex who became a regular fixture on the Ellen Degeneres Show, having tea with Taylor Swift and doing celebrity reports from the red carpet.

Sophia Grace showed off her considerable vocal talent on the show aged just 8, performing 'Superbass' with the power and gusto of someone much older, and has only improved, now both rapping and singing pretty impressively.

There's really nothing creepy about 'Best Friends', which as the name suggests is an innocent song about having fun with your friends and makes no attempts to sexualise Sophia.

Sure, there's legitimate worries about a late teenage breakdown a la Britney or Miley, but right now Sophia seems to be having a great time and is bound for stardom, 'Best Friends' having already attracted over 5 million views.