Taylor Swift to jump the shark with Apple iPhone 6s launch performance?

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There’s a small tribe in a remote part of Indonesia that Taylor Swift will privately say she doesn’t actually want to be a part of, but aside from that Taylor Swift wants to be involved in everything.

So it wouldn’t be a huge surprise then, if rumours that she is playing tonight’s Apple launch are true.

The company are expected to announce a new iPhone, iPad and revamped Apple TV at the event in California, but so far nothing has been said of the increasingly traditional musical performance.

The Foo Fighters previously looked a bit silly 'rocking out' in front of tech journalists at one, then U2 left the world cringing with an appearance best summed up in this GIF:

Might Swift shilling for Apple ruin her cred? We’ll find out at 10am San Francisco time.

The singer has a concert booked in for Houston in the evening, but it’s been estimated that she would have plenty of time to stop off for the launch en route.

Neither Apple nor Taylor Swift’s publicist returned Fortune’s request for comment.