Ten facts about Duffy – but which one is false?

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* Rock Ferry is in the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral. Duffy named her album after it because it is where her grandmother lives.

* While she was trying to make it in the music industry, Duffy worked at a seconds clothing store in Pwllheli.

* When Duffy was growing up in Nefyn, a seaside town in Gwynedd, her parents owned 2,550 records.

* Aged 17, Duffy came second on Wawffactor, a short-lived and much lower-budget Welsh version of The X Factor.

* Duffy studied culture at Chester University. With one year left, she dropped out when a lecturer advised her to “go on the dole, love, and become a singer”.

* She was attacked at an awards ceremony by Johnny Rotten. “I walked past him, said ‘Hi, you all right?’, and next thing I was literally slammed against the wall, pinned by his arm at my throat. I blame myself.”

* Her name is really Aimee Ann. She has a twin sister called Katy Ann.

* When she was 13, her family was put in a safe house after her stepfather’s ex-wife threatened to kill him.

* She was thrown out of her school choir because her voice was “too big”.

* Duffy recently had a daffodil named after her, called the Duffydil.

False: Duffy’s parents had no records at all in their house; 2,550 is the population of Nefyn.