The Spice Girls musical: Zigazig Argh!


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Ping! An email arrives announcing the press conference to launch Viva Forever – the musical about the Spice Girls – later this month.

That it is taking place at all is a miracle. Now she is a fashion designer, Victoria Beckham is surely too cool for the stage and there have been so many reports of rows that the making of the show could be a musical in itself.

So credit must got to those who made it happen, namely Simon Fuller, producer Judy Craymer and writer Jennifer Saunders.

The invitation describes the show, a touch optimistically, as "the most hotly anticipated London theatre event this year", and asks the recipient to "Say You'll Be There". The casting process will undoubtedly see every Wannabe and their Mama compete 2 Become 1 of the stars of the show. Quite frankly it all sounds Too Much. Goodbye.