This 'how to write an Alt-J song' video is hilarious, scarily accurate

'Up, put it up, put it up, put it up my butt'

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Alt-J's sound is nothing if not idiosyncratic.

A band called Fleece have laid this bare on YouTube, with an affectionate parody in which they construct an undeniably Alt-J-esque song using just a microphone, percussion shakers and a loop station.

All the Alt-J hallmarks are there, from repeated reverby hooks to Eastern-tinged lead vocals and a thumping kick drum.

Cackling with glee as they add more layers, the only elements the pair forgot were obligatory tin can snare and a cappela chant breakdown.

The best thing about the video however is their voracious appetite for rice cakes.

"This is a parody… nothing mean spirited towards Alt-J" the band wrote alongside the video, which has been watched nearly two million times.

I hope Alt-J take this in good spirits and respond with a 'how to write a Fleece song' vid (they make psychedelic stoner rock, which you can listen to here).