The Weeknd’s ‘I Feel It Coming’ is being hailed as the best pop song of the year, possibly the decade

It features Daft Punk and sounds like MJ

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Since establishing his trademark sound, and probably tiring of it, with his Trilogy of mixtapes and follow-up album Kiss Land, The Weeknd has seemingly been on a mission to write the perfect pop song.

He might have achieved it with ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ (which was so big it wound up getting lip-synced by Tom Cruise), were it not for the fact that his new single, ‘I Feel It Coming’, is even better.

Playing out his new album Starboy, it was co-written with Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and sounds pretty damn Michael Jackson, The Weeknd’s vocal hooks coming over an infectious disco beat. Like all the best pop songs, it has a sadness to it. The joy in the melodies would probably be too much, were it not for a melancholy keyboard line that throws the song off kilter.

Snippet here if you don't have Spotify (starts 8:42):

it’s not a hugely ambitious and different song; it’s just an absolute banger ('like the 70s never ended' - Guardian). Even the annoying Daft Punk robot vocals can’t tarnish it.

Twitter is heaping on praise:

Other highlights of the album include ‘Party Monster’, ‘Secrets’ and ‘Sidewalks’, which sees The Weeknd collaborate with Kendrick Lamar, who he described as a “genius” when recounting working in the studio with him.

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