Thom Yorke has written a soundtrack that is 18 days long

Every single minute of the score is different

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Thom Yorke has provided an 'evolving' soundtrack for his collaborator Stanley Donwood called Subterranea that is 432 hours long, with no two minutes being the same.

It will span the length of the 18-day exhibition, which is entitled 'The Panic Office', and is taking place in Sydney, Australia.

Donwood has designed the artwork for all of Radiohead's albums from The Bends onwards, along with that of his side-supergroup Atoms for Peace.

The soundtrack has been described by Triple J as 'an eerie mix of ambient textures, experimental sounds, and field recordings' and will make good use of the exhibition's cavernous space, with subs booming from the floor, mids echoing through the walls, and highs raining down from the ceiling.

It is said to be similar in style to the more abstract moments on Yorke's most recent album Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, though there is some Fitter, Happier-esque spoken word in there too.

There are no plans for the music to be released following the exhibition, which runs 21 May to 6 June at Carriageworks in Sydney.