Trending: Snoop's lessons on how to puff your product

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Snoop Dogg's latest work, Rolling Words, combines two of his major passions: song-writing and marijuana. For the music fan, the book has the lyrics to some of the rapper's best known works, while for the stoners, each page can be rolled into a joint.

Snoop's not the first to recognise the marketing value of appealing to the world's drug consumers. Pulp caused "uproar" when the single "Sorted for Es & Wizz" came with instructions on how to fold your own "wrap" for holding powdered drugs.

Several years ago, Playstation released a cardboard advert featuring a drug-dealer-esque figure on it and was perforated to create exactly the right size for filters, or "roaches" used when rolling joints.

Rap group Cypress Hill have gone even further, with their own-branded bongs and bong paraphernalia, presumably to help their fans get Insane in the Membrane. Remember kids, just say no (not least to marketing ploys...)