Jake Bugg calls American Idol a 'dream smasher' after performing live on the show

The British singer was personally asked to perform on American Idol

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Jake Bugg has slammed American Idol as a “dream smasher” after performing on the show.

The 20-year-old singer-songwriter, who was personally asked to perform by judge Keith Urban, described the reality programme as “cruel”.

"It was quite sad," he told BBC Newsbeat.

"We ended up doing the show because one of the judges, Keith Urban, wanted us.

"[But] it's cruel. It's like, 'Thanks for coming on but you'll never get a contract.' It's the dream smasher."

Bugg’s appearance came in the wake of his previous criticism of TV talent shows.

"For my sins, as I talked about those shows so much, I thought it might be an idea to actually go and experience it," he said.

But he maintained his opinion about the destructive impact of the programme on its wide-eyed hopefuls.

"We went on just before they said to this contestant, 'Yeah you're not through' and she was really heartbroken.”

And he said that those who appear on American Idol are after “something a bit different”.

"We play music; it's something a bit different for the kids on those shows," he said.

"And some of those kids might only have one television in their house and their big sister might be in control of the remote."

Bugg, who performed at the BBC 6Music festival at the Victoria Warehouse in Salford over the weekend, wasn’t too complimentary about the BRIT Awards either, declaring this year's show “boring”.


"It's really boring, it's so boring," he told BBC Newsbeat.

"I don't mind losing out to David Bowie but how can you have a category with him in it and four people that have made one or two albums?

“I say don't put him in that category. Give him a lifetime achievement or whatever.”

And he also hinted at his disdain for global superstars One Direction.

"To make up an award just so One Direction win it and turn up is a bit wrong but that's it, it's show business," he said.

Bugg is currently promoting his album Shangri La in the United States.

American Idol pulls in around 15 million viewers.