Wiley attacks Cumbrians as 'inbred pagans' after being booed off stage at CockRock festival


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Rapper Wiley has attacked Cumbrians on Twitter, calling them ‘pagans’, ‘witches’ children’, ‘inbreds’ and ‘cretins’.

The grime artist posted a series of tweets insulting the county and its residents after he was booed off stage at music festival CockRock, in Cockermouth, Cumbria at the weekend.

Wiley left the stage 15 minutes into his 45 minute set on Saturday night after the crowd reportedly shouted and threw liquid-filled containers at him.

He tweeted: “Don’t throw stuff on stage and cry wolf when I leave the stage get paid and leave…F*** off you got ur show u sang every word now f*** off.”

After leaving the stage he posted a series of messages laying into Cumbrian locals, saying: "Get the f*** out of here you county of witches' children" and "Hear this Cumbria F*** OFF". He also tweeted: "You bunch of invalids...bunch of cretins" and "Paganism..."

The artist, originally from east London, posted disgruntled tweets about the northern county before he was due to perform at the festival over the weekend.

He said: "You can get to Holland and Cyprus quicker than north Wales and Cumbria now u see what I’m saying…there not places I wanna drive too [sic]"

He added he was annoyed with his agent for sending him to a “ farm”, tweeting: “Billy please stop sending me to farms to perform please mate ...I am a yardie man ffs wtf ...”

But once at the festival, the 'Wearing My Rolex' singer seemed pleased with the local farmers' produce.

Cumbria’s tourist board declined to comment on Wiley’s outspoken views due to impending legal action surrounding his appearance at the CockRock festival.

Event organisers told local paper News & Star that they were meeting with solicitors to decide the exact format their legal action should take.

Marie Whitehead, festival organiser, said: “It’s fairly clear that there was a breach of contract and we had Wiley criticising the festival.

“There’s an awful lot of things that can go wrong at festival and this was one of them but we have to do what we have to do.”