Album: Boy Bear, Moonfire (V2)

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The nu-folk-rock boom has now, it seems, gone global, spreading beyond its Anglo-American bases to Australia, where Boy & Bear's Moonfire has been a runaway success.

Built around the songs and voice of Dave Hosking, their sound blends the usual jangly stringed things with bursts of garage-pop organ, piano, whistling, and a line in tom-tom percussion that gives some songs a rather pompous tone. With bouts of high-register keening, involved arrangements, and fretful lyrics, the obvious model is Fleet Foxes – Hosking phrases like a gruffer Robin Pecknold – though a line such as, "I've somehow conceded this sense of self-effacing solitude" is the kind of thing that should be said by others about you, rather than yourself. Still, there's plenty to enjoy in songs such as "Lordy May" and "Big Man".

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