Album: Carter Tutti Void, Transverse (Mute)


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Mute continues to explore all corners of the electronica landscape, following up Vince Clarke & Martin Gore's recent album of dance-oriented techno with this more hardcore industrial offering.

Recorded live at the Roundhouse last year, it features former Throbbing Gristle duo Chris & Cosey in collaboration with Factory Floor guitarist Nik Void, on a series of semi-improvised pieces titled simply "v.1" to "v.4". "v.1" is typical: a steady pulse allied to a constant nagging buzz-whine, over which are scattered sundry shards and scribbles of abstract guitar noise. After a while, it develops its own satisfying logic, akin to watching the world slip by through a train window: always much the same, always different. The format sustains on subsequent tracks; but despite its apparent concreteness, the music is surprisingly warm.

DOWNLOAD THIS v.1; v.2; v.3; v.4