my tech; Technophobe? Well, I like a good juke-box

In the first of a new series, Simon Day of `The Fast Show' talks to Jennifer Rodger about his favourite gadget - an Audiolab 8000A amplifier
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At 16, I had a record player and two speakers. It was nice to have, but it wasn't a particularly good one. I needed to buy a hi-fi, because before I just had a portable midi-system.

I had been meaning to get a decent system, and had earned a bit of money and wanted to spend it on that. Choosing it was simple; I just bought Which? magazine and went to a shop. The salesman said that this was the best and told me to listen to it. I gave him a price range, but ended up spending a bit more anyway. I have never had any problems with it.

I like this one because the sound comes from behind the speakers, so it fills the whole room. I especially enjoy the fact that when you turn it on it takes a minute or so to come on, and it is very solid and dependable - and I didn't want anything with a little picture of a saxophone on it.

I listen to music every day. I mainly have CDs because my brother is a DJ, and I would go and buy a record and he would have bought it in four different types, so there wasn't any point in competing.

My speakers are Mission 75 freedoms. I don't go to clubs any more, but I go to the odd bar where I listen to music. I think a good juke-box is great, but you don't really get them any more. If I went on tour I would take my Walkman with me.

I would say that I am not a "tech" person. I have a computer, but have never worked out how to use it. I bought it to write on, really, and that's something I can only just about do. It doesn't look good to have a script typed out messily on an old school notepad.

I would say that I edge more towards being technophobic. As I was leaving school they were literally just bringing in computers. People of my generation must all be like that. Take the Internet. I find the whole thing a bit, well, it raises the question of whether it is good for people. I suppose it can help you to access information, but it doesn't build social skills. You can do anything you like from your front room now, but you won't meet anyone doing it. I suppose I will drag myself in kicking and screaming sooner or later.

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