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The follow-up to Nitin Sawhney's acclaimed Migration finds the former James Taylor Quartet guitarist and programmer broadening his Anglo-Indian grooves to take in a wider selection of transglobal accents. The results are fascinating: Paco Pena's "Herecica Latino" is given an Hindu makeover, blending Sawhney's flamenco guitar with tabla, and there's an even greater transcontinental jump to the soft samba tones of "Saudades".

The album's theme concerns the limitations of fundamentalism of all stripes, Indian and Christian, advocating a more personal spiritual search which takes in aspects of both. It's an approach mirrored in Sawhney's compositions, where gentle devotional singing from the sub-continent is underpinned with jazzy electric piano, flute and drum 'n' bass grooves. Powerful symmetries are evoked, as when the machine-gun vocables of JC001 find common cause with the percussive singing style of South Indian Jheti vocalists on the extraordinary "Voices". Impressive stuff.