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Not so square

AFTER THE pashmina came the woolly scarf (yawn!). After the woolly scarf came - and this is the new bit - brightly coloured silk squares! A timely exhibition, if you're thinking of decking yourself out in the latest neck adornments, comes courtesy of Hermes, the haute-bourgeois company and unparalleled producer, among other luxury desirables, of deliciously coloured silk squares.

Take a journey through Hermes' treasure-chest of designs, by way of a series of exquisite installations, each with a different scarf as its centre-piece. There will be two craftsmen from the famous atelier on site to demonstrate the silk screen-printing process and, while you're at it, get an expert scarf-tier to show you the multifarious ways to wear your scarf - Princess Anne's look is not the style you should be aiming for. But pussy-cat bows are de rigueur. A must-see for any budding textile designer or fashion connoisseur...

Rebecca Lowthorpe

Hermes' `Dreams Woven with Silk' can be seen at Upper Campfield Market, Castlefield, Manchester (enquiries: 0161-839 7759) to 23 November