On the road to Grandma's party

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As with most parties the anticipation is half the fun and Grandma's Way Out Party (8pm C4) is no exception.

In this instance the party is a distant blob on the horizon and getting there is a long, colourful car journey from Minneapolis to Seattle - shot home-video style, interspersed with cartoon animation and peopled, it would seem, by cartoon characters.

The infinity of the road stretches ahead and you can almost feel the bumps as the story rattles along.

But the title is distracting and like a determined storyteller dragging out an interminably long joke - however good it is - you just feel like giving the whole thing a shake and saying, get to the point. But then this is the point.

The message? Take to the road and discover yourself. Our heroine does just this. Road signs become life signs and, therefore, the choice between "spectator" and "driver" arrows becomes a tricky crossroad and a time of self-analysis and questioning.

Wind down the window and enjoy the view of modern day people and tribes, from Christian bikers devoted to their Harleys and God, to native American Indians and, of course, the tribe to be found at Grandma's way out party.

When disco mania swept through America this tribe took to the dance floor for some ritualistic bonding - and they never looked back.