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I was working for the past three years with Jimmy Page and the only disappointment was that we only played seven shows in Japan at the end of last year. I wanted to do some more. I was working with Adrian Vandenberg on some songs, when I received an invitation to play a Russian festival. So I got my loincloth back from the cleaners and got my manager and agent to come up with a crucifyingly difficult schedule which took in large festivals, small clubs and theatres across Europe. It's not really a promotional trip, it's therapy for me. In fact, I hate being on the road, but I love the actual performance. The crowds in England have been stunning. At the back of my mind I wanted to see if there was a foundation for the continuation of Whitesnake or at least another album. There most definitely is.

Russia was a strange experience. There is still a hierarchy there. I was incensed that the audience was 100 yards away from the stage in St Petersburg. The mayor's rose garden was protected by armed guards and a couple of the dignitaries' kids were put in the front row. I dread to think what the video will look like - it must have looked as though we pulled about 60 people. I always get very nervous on the day of a show. I never know till I walk on and shout 'Are you ready?' whether there is anything in the old throat. The coach is getting an overhaul when we finish. It definitely needs some shock absorbers. My arse has been taking a good 'ole licking.

David Coverdale is lead-singer of Whitesnake, who play Nottingham Royal Concert Hall (0602 482626) tonight and Brighton Centre (0223 202881) tomorrow

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