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I think men are generally moral and women generally amoral.

Arnold Wesker, playwright,

Start the Week

As a director you have to be completely single-minded, blinkered and selfish. He's all of those things . . . but it's done in a very endearing way.

Richard Eyre, artistic director

of the National, on Stephen

Daldry, artistic director of the

Royal Court, Guardian

Hunting the Philistines.

The late Sir Harold Acton,

aesthete, naming his hobbies

Look, which is more exciting - a bad performance of a great classical work or a mean record by someone like Little Richard, who is a force of nature?

Elvis Costello, Telegraph

If you do an episode of Special Branch, it takes six weeks and you get paid once. If I did situation comedy, I could do six episodes in six weeks and get paid six times. I sort of went off drama for that reason.

William G Stewart, producer of

Don't Forget Your Toothbrush, on

comedy's appeal, Independent