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I've been listening like crazy and I am simply knocked out by the treasure house of interest, revelation and pleasure you are putting out.

Liz Forgan, new boss of BBC

Radio, in a letter to staff

We get paid too much money. I don't deserve it, but I'm damned if anyone's going to take it off me.

Sting, singer, songwriter and

rainforest campaigner, Q

Only the BBC would pay one to talk so often and for so long about things that one knows nothing about.

Derek Nimmo reflects on 25 years

of Just a Minute, Radio Times

The idea of a Mozart appearing now is virtually unthinkable because there is no common language or agreed-upon practice, as there was in his time.

Composer John Adams, Guardian

It's his vulgarity I can't take.

Critic Andrew Clements on the

same John Adams, Guardian

I just couldn't play crap convincingly.

Miranda Richardson, on rejecting

the Glenn Close part

in Fatal Attraction, Observer

Somebody could definitely be killed behind this movie. Hopefully, it won't be me.

Spike Lee on Malcolm X, Time Out