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I am greater now than ever.

Rudolf Nureyev, from his Paris

sickbed, Corriere della Sera

The Beatles appealed to the very audience that Mr Birt wants to exclude from his radio stations . . . Leave universities to educate, let radio entertain.

Pete Waterman, hit-record

producer, Music Week

This evening Verdi is crying.

One of the hecklers in the gods at

La Scala Milan who booed

Luciano Pavarotti in Franco

Zeffirelli's Don Carlos, Times

Unfortunately we are exposed to wicked people from whom we cannot defend ourselves. I would close the gods.

Zeffirelli answers the hecklers

It would be the height of arrogance to say we are going to be better than TV-am. The main thing is keeping the faith.

Lis Howell, director of

programmes, GMTV, Guardian

He's cool, he's a lot like me. We go to the video arcade. We like animals, carnivals, quads (four-wheeled motorbikes). We like goofing off.

Macaulay Culkin on his friend

Michael Jackson, Radio Times

As far as I know our lyrics mean nothing. 'Down down deeper and down.' What's that mean? But then you hit Australia and they say, 'Phwoarr, down down, eh, I know what you mean, mate]'

Francis Rossi, of Status Quo, Q