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All of a sudden he stopped and just stood there for what seemed like two minutes. Then he said, "Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I'm just having a bit of stage fright. I'm just going to go out and come in again."

Member of the audience who saw John Sessions having trouble in My Night with Reg Ask what you like. But I should warn you, I've said the same things so many times. I don't like talking about myself and my boredom threshold is very low.

John Thaw, actor, puts an interviewer at his ease, Radio Times Mlle Jacob, 27, who comes from Geneva and was originally discovered by Louis Malle, outperforms the lot. She is surely the "biggest" Swiss woman since Heidi.

The Daily Telegraph's Peterborough column catches up with Irene Jacob, star of Three Colours: Red Cinema has only ever produced one giant, a genius of talent, and that's Eisenstein. Nobody else has ever come remotely near him. You can put Eisenstein up with Michelangelo and da Vinci.

Peter Greenaway, film-maker, Transcript Very limited.

Greenaway on Jean Renoir, ibid A narrow range.

Greenaway on Chaplin, ibid Vastly overrated.

Greenaway on Tarkovsky, ibid Quite narrow.

Greenaway on Bergman, ibid Much too narrow for me.

Greenaway on Bunuel, ibid