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Last night I did something completely insane.

Hugh Grant, actor, after his arrest for 'lewd conduct in a public place', Independent

I liked the idea of a middle-aged love story that didn't have anybody dying of an incurable disease.

Clint Eastwood, actor / director, on his new film, The Bridges of Madison County, LA Times

I receive heartfelt letters and there's a consistent phrase: 'You have ruined my life.' Not even: 'You have ruined my entertainment.'

Liz Forgan, head of BBC radio, on the decision to move Test Match Special to R4 LW, Radio Times

That is their most heinous crime, inventing Paul Young. He was a f***ing club singer.

Jarvis Cocker, singer with Pulp, on C4's The Tube (which turned down his application to be a presenter), The Face

We are not trying to create a system where all productions are touring productions. I don't want Tesco theatre.

Nick Jones, Arts Council drama director, on regional theatre policy, Sunday Times