People share 'biggest regrets' on New York blackboard in touching video

Video's three million viewers urged to start with a 'clean slate'

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People have written their greatest regrets on a blackboard in New York in a poignant video that has been viewed by millions.

In answer to the invitation to "write your biggest regret", New Yorkers and tourists framed their hindsight wishes in often similar terms.

The video, created by online college Strayer University, said most answers focused not on what had been done, but what had not - sending a message about "missed chances".

Some of the secret yearnings shared included: "Not pursuing acting", "not having kids before my dad passed away" and "not being a better husband".

One young man who said he had been homeless said he regretted "not building bridges" and allowing relationships to break down.

Another said: "I did all the things that were plan 'B'. I just never did it."

The video then urged viewers to treat every day like a "clean slate" and start again if they so wished.

Some of the top regrets of a typical American involve, in order, romance, family, education, career, finance and parenting, according to a psychology study at the University of Illinois.

Women reported more regrets relating to love than work compared to men, while higher educated Americans were more regretful about career decisions they made than those with a lower level of education.

"Worrying" too much was highlighted as one of the biggest regrets, meanwhile, in research by Cornell University - over and above major mistakes such as addictions, affairs or bad business decisions.