London from the Rooftops: Incredible images show London's skyline from its highest points

James Burns has been taking photos from London's rooftops for over eight years

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For the last eight years, London-based photographer James Burns has used the capital's rooftops to capture stunning images of its skyline.

His project London from the Rooftops, which began in 2006, has received a wave of positive reviews and grown Burns' reputation as one of the capital's most exciting photographers and he considers 2014 his best year yet.

Whether it is a full moon above Battersea Power Station’s iconic chimneys, or rainbows rising out of Camden, rare celestial events and varied weather conditions have provided Burns with ideal scenes for his collection of incredible images.


For London Live’s morning show, Burns selected some of his favourite images from the year and explained what it was that kept him hitting the heights to capture some of the capital’s most recognisable settings.

Reflecting on his work this year, Burns told The Independent that “interesting skies” and a mixture of weather had led to him producing some of his best work.

He said: “The reason for the great images this year is simple; we have had some very interesting skies.”

“We have had a good variety of weather from clear skies, to thick fog, and lots of great storms, not to mention the supermoons. The only thing we haven’t had is snow.”

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His favourite images include a massive full moon rising over Battersea Power Station and an image of The Shard penetrating clouds of heavy fog.

“I really like that Shard photo because that shot had always eluded me. Fog doesn’t always play ball but this was the perfect moment when thick fog was followed by clear weather."

Burns hopes that 2015 can be an even better year, as he builds up to his 2016 book that will bring together a collection of some of his best images from a decade of work.

He said: “My plan is to shoot and shoot and shoot some more, I built up a lot of good relationships in 2014 and hope to build on them, so I can get as many shots as possible for the book that will come out in 2016.”

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