The most stunning drone photos of 2015

Photographs taken from above of camel racing in Dubai and cliff diving in Mexico are particular highlights

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From a birds-eye view of Christ the Redeemer to a mystical aerial shot of an island in French Polynesia, the best drone photographs of 2015 are dazzlingly beautiful.

The use of drones for taking arty pictures is becoming more widespread, with many photographers joining social networks to share their best results.

Dronestagram has collated the 12 best photographs from thousands published on its site over the past year, including submissions for two big competitions, the National Geographic Drone Photo Contest and Small Drones Big Chances. The latter contest was launched in relation with the UN Climate Change conference and you can take a look at the winners here


Supertide turns Mont-Saint-Michel into an island, by Wanaifilms

The most obvious pro of a drone is that it transcends former physical limits and allows photographers to capture the world from fresh perspectives .


Xiwei Reservoir, Zoucheng, Shandong, China, by AmbroseLune

International Drone Photography Contest winner Ricardo Matiello’s misty shot of Maringa in Brazil is one such ethereal example, while Alexandre Salem recorded the aftermath of the huge iron ore dam burst in the Brazilian village of Paracatu.

Photographs taken from above of camel racing in Dubai, cliff diving in Mexico and Mont-Saint-Michel in France are particular highlights.

Check out more drone pictures on Dronestagram here.