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IN THE WAKE of the huge hype surrounding the new Star Wars movie, it would not be surprising to see a renewed interest in that other 1970s sci-fi classic, Close Encounters of the Third Kind (10pm Sky Premier). In this memorable picture, director Steven Spielberg casts Richard Dreyfuss (right), his star from Jaws, as the repairman whose life is transformed when he sees a UFO over Indiana. His home life suffers as he embarks on an obsessive quest to track down the occupants of the interplanetary craft. The scene where he finally makes contact is worth the wait.

In Stefan Schwartz's light comedy, Shooting Fish (8pm Sky Premier), Dan Futterman and Stuart Townsend plays two orphaned rogueish swindlers. They team up with a posh trainee doctor (Kate Beckinsale) in a scam that they hope will win them a stately home.