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NOT ALL big-screen adaptations of TV series work - as anyone who has seen The Avengers will know. But Mission: Impossible (8pm Sky Premier), a glossy reworking by Brian De Palma of the classic TV series, has more than enough moments to keep viewers attention. Tom Cruise (right), who seems to have spent almost the past decade working on Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, was not content with just starring as agent Ethan Hunt; he also co-produced the picture, which showcases enough hi-tech gadgets to rival James Bond.

Since she first delivered an Oscar-nominated performance in Steven Spielberg's The Color Purple, Whoopi Goldberg has had an up-and-down career, with highs such as Ghost and The Player and lows like Sister Act 2 and Jumpin' Jack Flash. She is profiled in tonight's Femmes Fatales (8pm Sky Moviemax).