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WHO WOULD have thought that a lad from Canada who once had a minor role in British children's breakfast TV would blossom into one of the world's biggest box- office draws? But Mike Myers has succeeded because of the sheer accessibility of his comedy. The humour in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (8pm Sky Premier, right) may be broad, but that's the point. The idea of a spy with 1960s values who's frozen and then revived in the politically correct 1990s is universally comprehensible. It is also played with a delicious sense of relish by Myers (in a dual role as Powers and the baddie, Dr Evil) and Elizabeth Hurley as his glamorous, no-nonsense sidekick.

This Myers evening kicks off with a glorious spoof about young nerds, Wayne's World (6pm), which also features Dana Carvey, and the documentary, The Many Faces of Mike Myers (7.35pm).

James Rampton